Kinders met Hoop Fundraiser

Black Tie Invite

We take pleasure in offering you a unique opportunity to be the helping hand for those in need.

On 27 September 2013 at 18:00, HnR (Have no Regrets) will host a black tie event on behalf of “Kinders met Hoop”, an organization focusing on the support and development of less fortunate children. The proceeds of this event will help this organization to continue and enhance their valuable work on a long term basis. The success of this organization lies in effective programs and competent workers running the programs as well as respected individuals and/or organizations in the community with a heart to give to those in need.

The Black Tie Event

The main theme for this event will be a Donkey Derby. This is an exclusive event where professionals from various fields of expertise can sit back and enjoy a trouble free, fun filled time. It will also be a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to connect with each other on a more social level. At the time of this writing we are expecting at least 100 prominent people at this event.

The Theme: Donkey Derby

This exciting game presents numerous opportunities for everybody to have fun while contributing to a greater cause.

During the evening, races will be run and before each race the auctioneer auctions the wooden donkeys and the highest bidder owns the donkey for that one race. This can be done as an individual or as a syndicate. The donkeys run at the throw of the dice. The coloured dice determines which donkey (all different colours) will move forward and the numbered dice indicates how many blocks the donkey moves.

The owner of the winning donkey will receive a percentage of the total amount bid for that race. Before commencement of each race, everyone can buy tickets from the bookies for their favourite donkey or donkeys. If your donkey wins you receive a percentage of the total amount bet for that race divided by the number of tickets sold. This can be done as an individual or as a syndicate.

What we are asking of your company/organization is the following:

1. Attend the evening as individuals and have an absolute fun night. The admission fee is R100 per person, which include meal and great company. This is a steal and made possible only by our great sponsors!

2. Sponsor a race at the amount of R1000 – the race will then be called whatever you desire e.g. Have no Regrets. There are only six races, thus only six companies will be able to sponsor a race.

3. We would like the food to be sponsored as well, since this will help to bring the overall costs of the evening down and allow for a higher profit. We welcome goods or cash. Should you feel like contributing goods, kindly contact us so that we can provide you with a list of food and extras that we require.

4. We are also looking for companies to sponsor prizes – any prizes will be welcomed! There will be spot prizes during the evening like lucky ticket numbers, stickers under random chairs etc.

Your company can do one of the above, or all if you are in the giving spirit. All sponsors will be acknowledged during the event for their contribution and be given an opportunity to advertise at the event. There are however clear guidelines for advertisers to adhere by.

We appreciate your time and consideration on this great opportunity to make a difference. Should you need any further information regarding this event, please do not hesitate to contact Magdel van Zyl on 083 411 6181 after 14:00 ( or Jemima van der Berg on 082 858 0482 (

We look forward to seeing you there!

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